Building CD pipelines for k8s with AWS

The use of public Cloud and containers are spreading rapidly in IT departments, and with the help of orchestration tools, applications can be scaled rapidly. But can your organisation scale for rapid changes in the software as well? Nowadays, promoting new features and updates in short cycles is a must for applications.

Production grade Kubernetes cluster on AWS

These AWS CloudFormation templates and scripts set up a flexible, secure, fault-tolerant Kubernetes cluster in AWS private VPC environment automatically, into a configuration of your choice. The project main purposes are: simple, painless, script-less, easy Kubernetes environment deployment in 1 step.

Containers in the - useful tips from DEV to PROD

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Many claim the "let a thousand flowers bloom" principle and sometimes it could have an advantage. If my application is platform-dependent, significant transformation and rewriting can be meaningless. It has a professionally high risk, and due to the substantial cost, it used to fail business wise.

Public vs. private cloud, not only for professionals

Like in all professions and industries, trends that are well-documented in IT as well show the way. The ongoing business and professional expectations, however, seem to be an excellent regulating system. Depending on the deductible outcome, each direction is sometimes retracted, forced to modify it, either completely stalled, but the opposite occurs in the same way as it is often reinforced or accelerated.

Side note to an e-ticket development

This blog post can be read in Hungarian.