Migration consultancy

Migration is very rarely a specific thing migration.

Usually there are complex and associated systems, processes are complex. The “transfer” of the systems requires high level knowledge, organization, and the implementation process must be sufficiently detailed, well-developed
  • the planning begins with the preparation of a detailed roadmap
  • prioritize areas to be migrated based on business importance
  • the most important technical aspect of migration is taken into account and consider in advance
  • business processes are continuously monitored during migration
  • the biggest business risk factors are prioritized
  • appropriate professionals are selected, easily measurable success criteria is identified
  • during the design and implementation integrated thinking is important

Worth understanding

The migration will require development of appropriate migration strategies, implementing strategies, driven by migration phases facilitates the successful implementation. To help the different migration tasks a variety of tools, services are available, such as support for database migration being often critical.


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