D2D2C backup

The backup is usually associated with a background activities furnished with lot of nuisances, for which you really need if something goes wrong and the data must be restored. Several domestic and international rules require specified number of cases, what data must be retained for how long. The compliance for such requirements that the service "will do its best" to preserve the data, is not an easy task posed to IT organizations.

Backup into public cloud

Backup and the long-term preservation is a complicated and maintenance-intensive, sometimes expensive task with disk and tape storage as well. However the public cloud data backup takes a lot of trouble off the user's shoulders. The backup from the user site up to the public cloud can be implemented in several forms

  • Backup software which has been developed specifically for the cloud backup
  • With a so-called Storage Gateway solution, when the usually used backup software is not needed to be replaced, nevertheless a tool simulates a virtual tape library or a hard drive that stores data in the public cloud using cloud services.

Assurance, compliance

It is recommended to choose public cloud providers who got PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certification and have European data centers, in order to meet the EU standards, e.g. the EU Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46 / EC). These standards are the strictest thus such data is in safe hands surely. Consequently we offer Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Another issue related to the security of data is whether data will be encrypted for storage. AWS encrypts the data transfer (AES-256) and data are stored encrypted (encrypt data at rest) using the AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS). AWS supports the so-called. "Client side encryption" solution and the "server side encryption" solution as well for each key management service.

What we offer for D2D2C?

The proposed solution is built by Total Cloud Consulting from AWS Storage Gateway, AWS Simple Storage Services, and AWS Glacier Services. The backup software that is currently used by the user or has been purchased by the user goes to a virtual tape library and the virtual tapes are in the cloud on virtual shelves.

Why is this solution worth using ?

  • There is no need to replace the existing backup software.
  • 99.99999999% is data durability, which corresponds to the georedundant storage system.
  • Our Client pays only for what we backed up, there is no "capacity booking".
  • No one has difficulty with tape libraries, it is not necessary to rewrite 4-5 year old data onto new tapes (no need of data migration)
  • There is no need to save data to a secondary site, since the cloud "is elsewhere" anyhow.
  • You do not need to purchase special storage devices, the Storage Gateway is a virtual machine that runs on popular virtual environments (VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V) today.


It is expertise the most important criteria to develop cloud based IT. The AWS is a uniquely efficient solution, we can help you to benefit from.
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