Static website structure, data store

The Internet is everywhere nowadays! Did you know? In January 2017, 1 800 047 111 website responded to a search on the Internet that ran on 6 328 006 computers. (Website is normally available under a name and an ensemble of interrelated webpages.) Navigate through large quantities of information is very difficult and to display the information about our company on the Internet in a cost-effective way is a real challenge!

There are many solutions to publish data and information on the Internet. They still use some server computers, but in different ways:

  • On dedicated computer, dedicated server for our data (physical server connected to the Internet).
  • On virtualized computer, dedicated server for our data (your own or a rented server multiple virtual machines can run a server program).
  • Share physical or virtual server with more websites (web hosting service).
  • Rent storage only in the cloud.

Who can we expect watching our data?

An explanation to understand the figure below: "bot" which is the abbreviation of the word robot on the Internet, is the collective name of programs that read the content of websites for different purposes.

(Source: Incapsula blog)

The first surprising data, they are not people who read our data mostly! The "good" robot, for example, such as search engines (as Google) reads the page in order to find us later on for those who are looking for us. That is our interest as well. The "bad" robot can be diverse, for example hackers use such things. Unfortunately this statistic is a large general statistic, but for the smaller websites, the rate is much worse!

What is the challange?

We see the smaller the site, the greater the load caused by the robots and the traffic can exceed 90%. What does it mean? The only reason why one has to rent or purchase more resources to endure the high robot traffic, even if only 10-20 people visit our site every day!

The other issue is the speed. To use any content management system makes sense only if the content of the site changes relatively frequently. For example, every day. Then we can take the advantage of the features of a content management system (called CMS). But what if the content is changed seldom, let’s say, monthly or yearly? We may also present the results of a completed project, which will never change. Then the so-called static site technology is worth considering.

Even a static can still be eventful! A static website does not mean that you cannot use animation or video playback or even a program on the site, but also means that the content of the site does not change or rarely only.

Proposed solution for static websites

Total Cloud Consulting proposes the Amazon Web Services (AWS) so-called Simple Storage Services (S3) and the CloudFront Service (CloudFront is a so-called CDN - Content Delivery Network.) to help to create static websites. Static websites can be combined and linked with classic dynamic websites or part of it.

Why is it worth for your company?

This solution has many advantages:

There is no need for any servers that is not overloaded, you do not have to pay for a service which is not required.

The AWS services help protect against malicious robots, thus we do not have to deal with it.

The data is very safe. The chances to lose data is minimal. A loss of data is expected in each 1000 trillion year.

Cost-effective solution, we pay just for as much data as we actually publish! You do not have to buy packages in different capacities, reducing the amount of data you pay less immediately.

Any solution will continue to work that does not require central database (such as a webshop).


It is expertise the most important criteria to develop cloud based IT. The AWS is a uniquely efficient solution, we can help you to benefit from.
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