Managed corporate collaboration service

AWS WorkMail provides an opportunity to corporate users reaching their mails, contacts or calendar services via either Microsoft Outlook or Windows 10 Post and even free email programs, such as Thunderbird, or web browser or native iOS / Android using the Microsoft ActiveSync protocol or Microsoft common IMAP protocol. The Amazon WorkMail can be integrated with existing corporate directory, together controlling the use of encryption keys and data.

General features of the Amazon WorkMail

  • Low-cost groupware support service that offers a huge 50 GB mailbox per person. AWS WorkDocs standard capacity is 1000 GB, but more data can be stored on competitive GB / month cost, without upper limit.
  • The data is stored in encrypted form. The communication between the server and client-based on the industry standard SSL. Using AWS Key Management Service keys used for encryption can be solved even using own keys.
  • The Amazon WorkMail supports management of mobile clients, such as forced security settings, or forced deletion of data of lost devices.
  • Further components such as virus, malware and anti-spam services improve the security of the mailing service.
  • Regarding the introduction of AWS WorkMail AWS migration tool is a great help, which is designed to switch quickly and correctly from existing Exchange server.

Extended business functions

  • Provides central identity management, the so-called Simple-AD service, which can be integrated even with Windows infrastructure operated on premise, at the user. In case of Windows infrastructure integration (Active Directory Integration) multifactor authentication is also supported (own RADIUS server).
  • Mailboxes can be shared among different users.
  • You can define in which region e-mails are stored, so we can be sure that data will remain in Europe
  • The WorkMail Service has ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 certification, the latter requirement is a must for public cloud providers. PII (Personally Identifiable Information) personal data management requirement.

Benefits of using the AWS WorkMail one can have

  • access to a highly reliable,
  • fully protected and supervised,
  • shared groupwork support service.


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