Video Conference-as-a-Service

The video conferencing, audio conferencing, or called as telephone conferencing services are also rapidly expanding services in the corporate area. Similar services used for private purposes, such as Skype (Microsoft) FaceTime (Apple), Duo (Google), Messenger (Facebook), Viber have been widely used to support conference calls and video communication solutions among individuals. However, the needs are different, not only in sound and / or image transmission demand, but also sharing the computer screen, which used to be added to the conference, such as archiving or the opportunity to "poll" for corporate environments. Different versions of videoconferencing may be required for a company:

  • Virtual meeting, where a relatively small number of staff communicates, applying the “everyone with everyone model”.
  • Virtual auditorium, where relatively few staff (typically the leaders) communicates with a lot of people, to share all staff information.

The videoconferences similarly with the personal meetings are scheduled, this Video Conferencing as a Service (VCaaS) option is not needed continuously, but for a specific time. Of course, the organization and staff is distributed across multiple locations and there is a need to be placed to optimize network traffic what is illustrated in the figure below.

Our proposed solution

Total Cloud Consulting proposes to implement cloud based video conferencing solution, virtually. For this way, there are a number of options available.

  • Simpler, cheaper solution is the Amazon Chime system, especially as "green field" option.
  • There are more complex solutions that we can offer based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) services, providing a true enterprise solution.

Such a solution has all the features that may arise in the life of a company, it may be advantageous if integration of other existing video conferencing systems is necessary as well.

Why is VCaaS worth utilizing ?

The solutions are unique and provide high degree of freedom:

Fully software-based solutions, we are not tied to any single hardware manufacturer.

A software-based solution surely will never encounter any barriers to capacity with AWS services, it can be expanded as required.

The cloud services is used only during the video conferencing, in the complementary time it is not a cost.

The fully distributed system provides optimal connection for colleague, partner or customer wishing to join from anywhere in the world.

Hardware compatible to any existing systems,(eg. Polycom devices) *

Integrable to possibly used partners’ videoconferencing systems (eg. Microsoft Lync) *

This solution is a tested safe solution, meets different standards (e.g. HIPAA) so that sensitive personal data can be shared on it (e.g. healthcare data) *

* Certain solutions


It is expertise the most important criteria to develop cloud based IT. The AWS is a uniquely efficient solution, we can help you to benefit from.
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