VMware migration to the cloud

VMware environments’ migration to AWS

Virtualization is a very common way to increase utilization, reliability, flexibility of systems and simultaneously to reduce costs at almost any size of company. The question really is to create ourselves a virtualized environment or to rent such a thing from a specialized service provider. The recent statistics show that mixed (hybrid) is the most common environment.

The experts of the Total Cloud Consulting help to migrate virtual machines running in VMware environments to the AWS cloud platform using the AWS Server Migration Services (SMS).

If one remain in Hybrid environments and VMware-based private environment is needed in the future, AWS provides a unified manageability with a VMware vCenter plug-in connector. Here one can start or stop our virtual machines running on AWS, and can create a copy of them.

Why does it fit to your company?

The hybrid environment built with the help of the Total Cloud Consulting can be exploited to best serve the different types of needs, that is always constantly required to operate in private cloud, which has a periodic (annual, quarterly) load, they should be run using the AWS when all you pay what you use (pay-as-you-go).


It is expertise the most important criteria to develop cloud based IT. The AWS is a uniquely efficient solution, we can help you to benefit from.
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